Friday, June 8, 2012

Blest Community

Blest Community
by Loretta F. Ross

O Most Holy Trinity
Undivided Unity,
teach us the gentle deference
of your dance of surrendered love
how with infinite tenderness
and utmost esteem
you so gently
are present
to one another.

Teach us your perichoresis,
your grand circle dance,
where you eternally birth joy
from the womb of reverence.
Teach us your unending,
enfolding regard
for the pure holiness
you hold and behold.

sweet breath and the lungs of creation,
eternally giving,
and eternally receiving
are filled.

You release and bind,
but never push nor pull.
You hold accountable,
but never blame.

You incline yourselves to one another
as a grove of green willows
bending in the breeze
bowing to each other's grace
known and cherished
on the broad plain of mutuality.

Deepen our trust, O Blest Community,
that we may enter such intimacy.


  1. Thanks so much for posting my poem here in the orchard. I love what you are up to. Blessings!

    Loretta F. Ross

    1. Hi Loretta -- thanks for dropping by our blog and for the word of encouragement. Your poem is both beautiful and poignant and stirred in us a longing for community which, while not dormant, had been somewhat still for some time. We appreciate the ways The Author used your words to speak to our hearts!

      ~ Keith & Cathy